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Dec 142017



"Getting the Best from Your Dental Lab"

Lab work is a reflection of you and your practice in the eyes of your patients. It is a critical component in the dentistry you create, one that should be monitored and evaluated regularly. If there is one thing that we have learned over the past 25 years, it's that partnership is key to achieving great lab work. Establishing a true partnership requires developing a relationship built on thorough two-way communication. 

For many years, labs were typically reactive to prescription requests and now, we have become educators, technical support and chair side assistants due to new rapidly emerging dental technology including new materials and treatment options. Consider the lab part of your team to stay ahead of the curve.

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There are many ways to communicate with your lab, but there are several key ways that we think are critical and will get you're the best results.

1. As simple as it sounds, filling out a lab slip completely with as much information as possible is critical to any dental case. The more information you can give the lab the better. There is no such thing as too much information. Be sure to always include shade and due date to avoid delays with your case.

2. Take the time to take accurate impressions on a consistent basis. Your lab work can only be as good as your impression, so consider this stage the most critical. Be thorough the first time to avoid having to take new impressions or remakes. We are a denture lab, so we need the entire vestibule back to the Hamular Notch. Don't be afraid to load up the tray with plenty of impression material. If you delegate impressions to an assistant, be sure they are properly trained and eyeball them before they go out until you are confident they are able to produce accurate impressions on a consistent basis.

3. Imagine never seeing the patient you are treating. This is why always sending photos of your patient is an important part of communication with your lab. They help us with tooth position and overall esthetics. Often there are things that you cannot see without a full face photo such as a high smile line or a midline that is off. Consistently taking photos will help to ensure a better result for your patient. They can also be used for marketing and case presentation which can help you grow your practice.

4. With business getting more and more complex, we highly recommend that you document your conversations with your lab on the patient's chart. This will allow everyone to have access to the same information and can clarify any question that may come up. We do it on the lab end because we work with so much detail. It would be impossible to remember every conversation. Since multiple people touch the case at your practice, having the information in one place can help to avoid miscommunication.

5. Returning the labs phone calls or email in a timely manner also helps with communication and will keep your case on track in terms of your due date. If the lab is calling, it means that there is a critical piece of information missing or that the direction of the case may need to be discussed. Always get back to your lab as soon as possible.

6. True partners need to hold each other accountable to do their best dentistry. Bring challenges to light in a constructive manner and keep an open channel of communication to quickly find solutions. No one can address and avoid challenges if they are not aware there is one. Additionally, not addressing them may lead to more problems. Especially with all the changes in technology and methods of manufacturing, it's more important than ever to bring any challenges to light. For instance, your lab may be working with a new CAD/CAM system, so feedback is critical for success. A lab will appreciate you constructively bringing recurring challenges to their attention so they can quickly address them and improve their systems. The alternative is losing you as an account, something a lab certainly wishes to avoid. In the same way, the lab needs to be able to bring repetitive issues they are seeing from the practice so that these challenges can be addressed for the good of the practice and the patient.

7. Lastly, we highly encourage you to include your lab in the treatment planning process before the case begins. Keep in mind that labs see the work of many doctors and can share their insights with you. We can also recommend new options that you may not be aware of. Including the lab in this part of the process will save you time, work and money as well as result in a better final restoration.

The clients we do the best dentistry with are those who communicate and see us as their partner. It makes dentistry exciting and a pleasure to do. When you have this type of partnership, there is a spirit of working together, not against each other thereby eliminating any need for blame and leaving only room for solutions. Since dentistry is not a perfect science, the more you can communicate the less challenges will arise. Establishing a constructive partnership with your lab will pay off at your practice in spades!

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Smiles beyond the bars - Annual Holiday Gala

Oct 122017

Please consider supporting this amazing organization! 

Smiles beyond the bars is a partnership with the finest professionals in the dental community, that extends comprehensive dental services to the formerly incarcerated, sober and drug-free women and men who have been out of prison for at least one year. Smiles gives its recipients not just a new smile, but a chance to help themselves. Simply put, changing smiles changes out of prison for at least one year lives. An improved smile dramatically impacts conversation, confidence, contact and careers….key factors for those looking to re-enter society as contributing members of society. Working with 60 dentists and 10 labs who offer their in-kind services, Smiles has helped 200 recipients to date.


New Employee Hiring Recommendations

Oct 122017

Leadership, technical quality, and exceptional patient care by themselves will not ensure your dental practice's success. Having the right people in the right roles is an integral component of practice synergy. When an apparent need arises to hire a new employee, there are many things to consider.

Having a clear vision for your practice should be your main objective. This will enable you to filter decisions that are aligned with your hiring decision based on your mission and vision for your practice.

If hiring decisions are made based on growing your practice, you will need to keep in mind how this will impact your overhead. If your decision for hiring is based on filling an opening, make sure you have the role defined.

Having the role defined is as important as the practice's vision. Very few practices have written job descriptions for employees; even fewer have a defined role for the new employee that match the skills and experience level needed. Consider the following:
Put in writing the qualities, characteristics, and expectations of the new employee
Hire a person with values, and teach them the required tasks
Resist the temptation to hire too quickly
Selecting the right agency is important, one that works as a valued strategic partner in the process. The agency puts each candidate through a thorough screening, which includes interviewing and background checks. This reduces the amount of time you will need to invest in the process. The agency will send you the "right-fit" for the role you are seeking.

As you identify a candidate for the position, know that interviewing is an important step in hiring the right person for the job. The interview can be conducted by the doctor and/or the office manager. Many practices include the current staff in the hiring process. Everyone involved in the process must know the hiring guidelines and legalities of interviewing.

Upon hiring, have an orientation set up for new employees. This will ensure your expectations, vision, purpose and practice philosophy are properly communicated.

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Aug 302017


Looking for a job can be a grueling process! Endless days of sending your resume to listings on the internet, never to hear back. It can leave a smart & accomplished dental professional feeling “less than.” Do you ever wonder why they don’t respond? Or think “What’s wrong with me?” Too old? Too young? Not enough experience?

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone! Today’s applicants are frustrated and fed up. But what if it isn't your fault? What if the reason you’re not getting calls has less to do with you and more about the process itself?

Most ads say “Apply online. If you’re a good fit, we’ll call you.” Even at job fairs, company representatives will often opt out of taking your resume in person, instead asking you to apply online. This would lead one to believe that applying online is the best route to finding a job.
The problem is most people find jobs through their network contacts. So, what if you could tap into a “large” network of dental practice managers and dentist, wouldn’t that make things easier and more successful?

Desert Dental Staffing works directly with hundreds of dental practices every day to help them find the PERFECT candidate. So, “eliminate the frustration” and apply today to schedule a CONFIDENTIAL interview. There's NEVER A CHARGE TO THE JOB SEEKER!

We have served the DENTAL community in the Metropolitan Phoenix Area since 1998 and would love to help you find your new permanent or temporary position. You can view all of the current positions at or call us at 602.840.4703 for more information.