Interview Questions

Some Helpful Suggestions

The common interview questions listed below are intended only to list some of the more common questions that could be presented during an interview process. State laws dictate what may and may not be asked in an interview. Check your state labor and hiring laws before you formulate interview questions.

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1. Tell me about yourself.

Helps focus on relevant skills. May reveal communication style and vocabulary usage.

2. What do you know about my practice?

Tells you if the person is truly interested in the practice and whether or not she or he has done any homework.

3. Why do you want to work for the practice?

May reveal personality traits and team player qualities.

4. Why should we hire you?

An opportunity to hear positive or negative phrases. May reveal level of enthusiasm.

5. Why did you choose a dental career?

An opportunity to hear positive or negative phrases. May reveal level of enthusiasm.

6. How long do you anticipate staying with my practice?

May help predict longevity.

7. Why are you leaving your current employer?

Great opportunity to pick up issues from last job that may crop up again.

8. If I were to ask a co-worker about your strengths, what would he/she say about you?

Look for SPECIFIC answers. Communication strengths and self-confidence may be revealed.

9. Same question however related to weaknesses?

May reveal honesty and self awareness.

10. In your current or last position, what features did you like the most? Least?

May reveal honesty and self awareness. Look for SPECIFIC examples.

11. What did you do on a day-to-day basis?

This may be a way to find out if the person has the skills to do the job you require. Asking "Can you do (insert skill)?" could result in a "yes" answer. Asking a person to describe exactly what he or she has done may reveal much more information and help you determine whether or not the skill set is in place.

12. What has been your greatest success? How did you achieve it?

May reveal self pride, communication skills, and verbal skills.

13. What has been your biggest failure?

May reveal self awareness, ability to turn a challenge into a learning experience.

14. What motivates you?

May indicate self awareness and personality.